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We were approached by some friends who were getting married to build them a website to manage the process of invitations, RSVPs, information and sharing pictures when the big day was over. The big challenge was to design and build the website in just one week.


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Easy changes

Using the SilverStripe CMS made making changes to the content on the site a breeze, even for those pre-occupied with eternal love!

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Pictures too

Let's face it, people really just want to see pictures on a site like this, so we made it super easy to chop and change all the images on the site.

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That is the question, and in this case a rather important one. We made it super simple for guests to send RSVPs through the site.

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On the Alter

The site is fully responsive and adapts to a users screen making it a doddle to browse on a smart phone or tablet. Not only is the site responsive but it also offers touch sensitive features, such as being able to swipe through the gallery of images, just like a native app would do.

This project was a labour of love. It allowed us to provide a unique gift to our friends and to learn a few new techniques along the way.


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In the clients words

WED client
The site completely surpassed all of our expectations. It became the basis of our invitations in the end, as it looked so good. It perfectly captured the relaxed feel of the day and the design was better than anything we could have imagined. Thank you for making it so easy for us!
Laura & Matthew